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About Us
ReHabitate is a non-profit organization with the mission to keep useable construction materials out of landfills and find new sources for those materials. With the proceeds to selling these materials, we are able to help fund community projects to address neighborhood blight, through demolition or rehab of abandoned properties. We wish to strengthen the community as well as create more opportunities to learn, grow and improve.


Over 36% of all solid landfill waste is composed of construction materials. With more stringent regulations and shrinking landfill space, consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of these issues. Reusing construction materials not only benefits the environment, but also can reduce cost and lead time in projects. Salvaged items often have historical value, are unique, and of higher quality than you would find in any big box store. These materials are not limited to construction, but can also be reused to create art, furniture, and more. Check out our projects and facebook page for great resourcing ideas, or let us know your own!


One of our missions is taking steps to restore the community. We can begin to reduce neighborhood blight by fixing up viable properties or demolishing buildings that are structurally unsound. Vacant properties create safety issues and act as a deterrent for new residents and businesses. Land from demolished buildings can be converted into spaces for short or long term use, such as urban gardens and community parks.


We partner with local businesses and organizations to find creative solutions for the number of vacant lots and properties in Gary,IN. Positive change and an active community attracts additional businesses and residents, which provides more job opportunities  and generates revenue within the community. 


In bringing together a framework of opportunities, we hope to revitalize community involvement. Residents need to voice their concerns and also help to create solutions. See our community calender for meetings and workshops. There is no single answer to these problems, so we need to bring together all the resources, ideas and energy into making things happen!