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Renovation Project 2015-2016
Our new location at 401 S. Lake St is currently under renovation with a projected completion in March 2016. Our goal is to use as many salvaged materials as possible during the construction process. Any donation of materials or labor is greatly appreciated. Items in need are currently plywood panels, studs, drywall, storefront door & window, glass block windows, fiberglass insulation, and general electrical and plumbing supplies.  
Community Restoration
As part of the Neighborhood Spotlight Program, members of the community and surrounding areas are teaming up to initiate change. One major concern of local residents is addressing property blight. With assitance from the Legacy Foundation, the community is working together identify  properties in deterioration, and take steps to secure these properties for later rehab or to help fast track properties for demolition. 
Demolition and Renovation Initiative
Rehabitate's first goal is to provide a safer and more inviting place to live and work. One way to help move the community in this direction is to work towards eliminating vacant and debilitated buildings. Through some recent grants, the City of Gary's Department of Redevelopment has started this process. Even with this funding, the amount of blight is so widespread that this will only cover a fraction of properties that are in need of demolition. Rehabitate's objective is to demo properties that are beyond rehab, salvage as many materials for reuse, and reuse the lots for a community or business purpose. Buildings that can be rehabbed will be made available to new businesses as shared workspaces for startups, artists, and community groups.